About Us

More than 6 years industry experience


Ganzhou Jiuyi International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Ganzhou, which is known as “the Hometown of oranges in the world”, “the cradle of Hakka” and “the world tungsten mining capital”. Is a professional pet supplies supplier and exporter. We specialize in the production of pet metal cage, bird cage, pet training supplies, pet beauty cleaning supplies, family travel pet nest, pet feeding supplies, pet toys, pet clothing and other pet supplies.

Products cover mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America, Africa, South America and other countries. We can quickly design and manufacture OEM/ ODM products based on your ideas and samples. Quality control is an action, not a slogan. Strict quality control is implemented in all aspects of operations to meet top customer’s high standards. This philosophy has permeated all levels of the production process, including :1) incoming inspection, 2) Work-in-progress inspection, 3) finished product inspection, and 4) random warehouse inspection

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