Many things in this world are meaningless, such as the reason why we fold our quilts every day, and why a handful of headphones can be wrapped into a dead lump. There are things that we can never understand. For instance, people without pet never understand the joy of having one: having your slipper brought to you every time you came home. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into. Your dog will lick your tears, touch your head, lie next to you at night. You’ll feel safe at home with your dog snoring at your feet, knowing that she’ll protect you in case a burglar comes in in the middle of the night. And every day after work your dog is simply happy to see you and welcomes you at the door zealously. If you never had a chance to have a dog, you will never experience the pleasure mentioned-above. Of course you can save the money on dog food, dog bath, vaccines, ear mites, etc., and you won’t have dog hair everywhere, nor wear light-coloured clothes all the time. As the old saying goes, all coins have two sides. However, you need make sure that you are good to her for life, because while you may have your family and friends, your dog only has you. She has a very short life span and needs your attention and love.

“You need companionship and love, go and get a dog!” With special emotional support, our dogs accompany us to steer away loneliness, so we don’t need to go to the supermarket alone, eat alone, move alone, nor have surgery alone. “I eat alone and travel, walk around and stop, read and write alone, talk to myself ……” Many young people will tear up when they hear this lyric. The company aims at providing a comprehensive range of products and services to the public. Under the pressure of life and the loneliness inside, pets become the best channel to get rid of our loneliness.
To make a friend, there is no time, no place and no one around. But it is much easier to have a pet.
Imagine hearing thunderstorms in the evening, wouldn’t it be nice if you can hold a cat in your arms?

At the same time, no matter if it’s a short-legged round-assed Corgi, or a long-haired fairy Ragdoll cat, a pet born with the “cute” attribute can often use its soft and cute appearance and simple innocent heart to fill your psychological and emotional gap. The process of bathing, feeding and cleaning your pet may seem tedious, but it is often the most enjoyable time of the day for a person. In this process of giving and receiving love, the heart is full of a sense of gain and fulfillment. Let a furry toy accompany you to eat, go to a one-person-KTV, one person small hotpot. Pets are born to “cure our loneliness”. If loneliness is a side effect of urban life, the desire for warmth and companionship is matched by a change in aesthetic patterns. It is also easier to find beauty in the surroundings of life and gain spiritual dependence. Perhaps the cat rolling on the floor at home, or the plush bear sitting opposite you in the hot pot restaurant, can make us feel that the city may not be so cold after all. There is always a moment when you are no longer alone.

Ganzhou Jiuyi International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Ganzhou, which is known as “the hometown of oranges”, “the cradle of Hakka” and “the capital of tungsten ore” in the world. We are a professional supplier and exporter of pet products. We specialize in the production of pet metal cages, bird cages, pet training supplies, pet grooming and cleaning supplies, home travel pet nests, pet feeding supplies, pet toys, pet clothing and other pet supplies. Our products cover mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa, South America and other countries. We can design and manufacture OEM/ ODM products quickly according to your ideas and samples. Quality control is an action, not a slogan. Strict quality control is implemented in all aspects of operations to meet the high standards of top customers. This philosophy has permeated all levels of the production process, including incoming material inspection, in-process inspection, finished product inspection, and random warehouse inspection.
We have a young team of enthusiastic people. Confidence, rigor, responsibility and innovation are the pursuit of every team member.
Our advantages are: supporting small order customization, fast shipping, and 24-hour online design of product packaging.

If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to forming successful business relationships with more customers and friends around the world.
Bradshaw says, “Having a live, breathing, somewhat disruptive animal running around the house is a great way to establish a connection with nature.” You can have all kinds of fictional lion stories in your head, but unless someone takes you to Africa, you’ll never encounter a lion in the wild. But you will have a dog or a cat with you, and dogs and cats can show you what real animals are like, show you that animals are not humans and that they have unique lives that are just their own and different from humans.” While increasing the closeness between parents and children, it can also provide companionship in itself.


Post time: Jan-29-2023
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