Aquarium landscaping Ceramic Glass Ring Biochemical Ring Aquarium Filter Material for Purification Water Quality

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-Selling points of the product

1. The large pore structure provides a huge surface area for biological filter materials.

2. It is sturdy and durable, and is not easy to wear, decompose, or deform.

3. Excellent biological filtration purification effect, promoting beneficial bacterial growth and ammonia nitrogen conversion.

4. Efficiently remove harmful substances and particles, and improve the water quality of fish tanks.

5. Simple cleaning and maintenance, reusable multiple times.

-How to use

1. Put the glass Filter (aquarium)#Materials suitable for aquarium filtration into the filter material groove or filter material basket of the filter.

2. Try to fill the filter material tank or basket as much as possible to maximize the surface area of the filter material.

3. Ensure that the water flows through the filter material, allowing sufficient contact between the water and the filter material.

4. As required, multiple glass Filter (aquarium)#Materials suitable for aquarium filtration can be stacked together to increase the level and effect of filter materials.

5. Check the condition of the filter material upon completion, clean the filter and replace the old filter material.

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Aquarium Filter Material




Aquarium Filter Material for Purification Water Quality


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Filter material
500 g
Packing quantity
50 boxes/case
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To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.
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1. Question: What is an aquarium filtration material?

Answer: Aquarium filtration material is a substance used in aquarium filtration systems to help purify water quality and maintain a good aquatic environment. These materials are usually able to remove harmful substances, organic waste, and residual chlorine, ensuring clear and safe water bodies.

2. Question: What are some common aquarium filtration materials?

Answer: Common aquarium filtration materials include activated carbon, bio spheres, ceramic rings, filter cotton, bio sponges, etc. Each material has different characteristics and purification effects, and can be combined or selected according to needs.

3. Question: How to choose the appropriate aquarium filtration material?

Answer: The selection of appropriate aquarium filtration materials should be based on the capacity of the aquarium and the type of aquatic organisms being raised. Different materials are suitable for different filter types and water treatment needs. It is recommended to refer to the product description and make adjustments and replacements as needed.

4. Question: How do you clean and replace the filter materials in an aquarium?

Answer: The frequency of cleaning and replacing filter materials in an aquarium depends on the water quality of the aquarium and the usage of the filter. Generally speaking, dirt in the material can be removed by flushing, stirring, or other specified methods. When replacing the filter material, please follow the product instructions to ensure the normal operation of the filter.

5. Question: What is the impact of aquarium filtration materials on aquatic organisms?

Answer: Aquarium filtration materials can help improve water quality and provide a suitable living environment for aquatic organisms. They can remove harmful substances and degrade waste, thereby reducing the accumulation of pollutants in water. However, certain filtering materials may affect the chemical composition of water, so careful selection is necessary and the reactions of aquatic organisms should be closely observed.

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