30-120cm New Arrival Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light Remote Control Suitable for Fish Tank Reef Coral Light

Short Description:

-Selling points of the product

1.High brightness, seven color slow flashing, creating colorful underwater light and shadow effects.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, using LED technology, long service life and low power consumption.

3. Soft design, flexible installation, suitable for fish tanks of different shapes.

4. Easy to install, equipped with suction cups or fixing clips, which can be easily fixed in the fish tank.

5. Adjustable lighting effect, adjusting brightness and flashing speed through remote control or controller

-How to use

1.Firstly, install the slow flashing gas strip lamp neatly in the fish tank to ensure that the lamp strip is not compressed.

2. Fix the light strip to the bottom or side of the fish tank through suction cups or fixing clips, and adjust as needed.

3. Insert the power adapter into the socket and connect it to the slow flashing strip light controller.

4. Use the buttons on the remote control or controller to adjust the brightness, color, and flashing mode of the light strip.

5. According to personal preferences and needs, freely control the effect and light and shadow changes of the slow flashing strip light.

Product Detail

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Personalized customization

Our customized services offer a variety of options based on your needs:

Brightness and color temperature: Adjust the brightness and color temperature to make your aquatic ecosystem more realistic.

Lamp bead type: Select suitable LED lamp beads and provide different spectral combinations.

Lamp length: Tailor the appropriate lamp length according to the size of the fish tank.

Special effects: such as gradient, flicker, and other special effects, make your fish tank more colorful and colorful.

Application Scenario

1. Family aquarium: Enhance the visual effect of the aquarium and create a warm and romantic aquarium environment.

2. Commercial exhibition: restaurants, cafes, Pet store and other places display distinctive aquatic ecological landscapes.

3. Aquarium: Provides realistic underwater lighting and reproduces the natural marine ecological environment.


Essential details


Aquariums & Accessories

LED fish tank lighting




6 w - 30 w


US, European, British, Australian standard


0.42-1.46 kg

Place of Origin

Jiangxi, China


30/40/60/90/120 cm