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1. Stable and reliable temperature control: Our fish tank heating rod adopts advanced temperature control technology, which can provide stable and reliable temperature control, ensuring that your aquarium pets are in the most suitable temperature environment, which is conducive to their growth and health.

2. Efficient and energy-saving design: Our heating rod adopts an efficient and energy-saving design, which can provide excellent heating effect with minimal energy consumption. This not only helps reduce your energy expenses, but also is environmentally friendly.

3. Safety protection function: The safety of your pet is our top priority. Our fish tank heating rod is equipped with multiple safety protection functions, such as overheating protection and dry burning protection, ensuring that it will not cause damage or danger to the fish tank under any circumstances.

4. Easy to use operation: Our product design is simple and easy to operate. Simply follow the steps in the manual to connect and set up, and you can easily start the heating rod, saving you time and effort.

5. Diversified size adaptation: We provide various sizes of fish tank heating rods to adapt to different sizes of fish tanks. Whether you are raising a small mini aquarium or a large ornamental aquarium, we have products that meet your needs.

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-Accept customization

1. Size customization: Whether your fish tank is small and exquisite or spacious and luxurious, we can provide precise heating rods according to your size requirements, perfect for your aquarium environment.

2. Power selection: The heating power required for different fish tanks varies. We can customize heating rods with different powers based on your tank size and water temperature requirements to ensure more accurate temperature control.

3. Appearance design: We offer a variety of exterior designs and color choices, allowing you to customize a unique heating rod according to your personal preferences and fish tank style, adding visual beauty.

4. Special functions: If you have special Functional requirement for the heating rod, such as intelligent control, temperature display, etc., our engineering team will do its best to customize products that meet your requirements.

-How to use

It needs to be completely submerged in water and cannot be burned dry. The water level needs to be submerged by more than 20 centimeters above the heating rod for use. Shallow water cannot be used, and glass fish tanks can be used in deep water.

-Usage Scenario

Glass deep water fish tank with circulating water

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Fish Tank


Aquarium Tank Water Filter




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Fish Aquarium Tank
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