New office living room glass small fish tank mini aquarium

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1. Healthy environment: Through a no change water system and an oxygenation pump, our small fish tank can maintain stable water quality, create a healthy and comfortable living environment, which is beneficial for the healthy growth of fish.
2. Time and effort saving: Eliminating tedious water quality management and changing water frequently saves you time and energy, making it easier for you to enjoy the fun of fish farming.
3. Beautiful design: Our small fish tank not only focuses on functionality, but also on appearance. The combination of exquisite design and advanced technology creates a pleasant aquatic environment for you.
4. Cost saving: The no change water system can reduce the cost of water quality management, eliminating the need to purchase a large amount of water quality regulators and treatment equipment.
5. Environmentally friendly: By reducing water replacement, we have collectively contributed to the environment, reducing water consumption and wastewater discharge.


-Usage method

1. Set up decorative items such as water plants, stones, etc. at the bottom of the tank.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water purification and water quality regulator.

3. Add goldfish and pay attention to feeding and cleaning the fish tank in moderation.

4. Regularly replace and clean filters and monitor water quality.

5. Observe the activity and health status of goldfish.

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Aquariums & Accessories, Glass Aquarium






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Water Pumps



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Jiangxi, China

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Mini aquarium


XC Series aquariums




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Product Name: Mini aquarium
Product size: See the picture below
Glass thickness: 4-5mm
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Q1: How can this type of oxygenation pump achieve no water change in a small fish tank?

A: Our oxygenation pump uses a special circulation system and water treatment technology to effectively decompose waste and maintain water quality stability, reducing or eliminating the need for frequent water changes.

Q2: What role does the oxygenation pump play in this water change free system?

A: The oxygen pump emits carbon dioxide through bubbles, increasing oxygen content, promoting the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, and helping to decompose waste and ammonia. This helps to maintain the stability of water quality.

Q3: Do I need to completely not change the water?

A: Although our product can significantly reduce the frequency of water replacement, regular partial water replacement is still a part of maintaining the health of the fish tank. Usually, partial water replacement every month can ensure optimal water quality.

Q4: How do I maintain a water change free system?

A: The water change free system requires regular cleaning and maintenance. You should regularly clean the filter, clean waste, and ensure the normal operation of the oxygen pump and other components.

Q5: What type of fish is this water change free system suitable for?

A: Our water free small fish tank is suitable for various types of small freshwater fish, such as dwarf catfish and unnecessary fish. The size of the fish tank and the number of fish can also affect the effectiveness of use.

Q6: Do you need additional water quality testing?

A: Although a water change free system can help maintain water quality, regular testing of water quality parameters is still important. You can regularly test parameters such as ammonia, nitrate, pH, etc. to ensure stable water quality.

Q7: Will the no change water system affect the appearance of the fish tank?

A: Our product design emphasizes a balance between appearance and practicality, and the no change water system is usually integrated into the interior of the fish tank in an inconspicuo

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