Fish tank thermometer LED digital display thermometer Diving electronic waterproof thermometer for Aquarium Diving thermometer

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-Selling points of the product

1. Accurately measure the water temperature and maintain a constant temperature environment inside the fish tank.

2. Reliable and durable, using high-quality materials for long-term use.

3. Easy to read, clear display of water temperature, convenient for observation and adjustment.

4. Multifunctional design, which may include temperature alarm, maximum/minimum temperature recording, and other functions.

5. Different types can be selected, such as digital, LCD display, underwater buoy, etc

-How to use

1. Install the fish tank thermometer appropriately inside the tank to ensure complete immersion in water.

2. Wait for the thermometer to display stable water temperature and check the reading.

3. Adjust the heater or thermostat according to the measured water temperature to reach the appropriate temperature range.

4. Regularly check the accuracy of the thermometer and make corrections or replacements as needed.

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-Customization requirements

1. Temperature range, customize the appropriate temperature range based on fish species and aquaculture needs.

2. Selection of display methods, including digital, LCD display, or underwater buoy.

3. Waterproof performance, providing waterproof designs and materials suitable for underwater use.

4. Functional requirement, such as customized requirements for alarm function, maximum/minimum temperature recording, etc.

-Application Scenario

1. Family fish tank: Monitor and maintain a constant temperature environment in the family fish tank.

2. Farm or aquarium: temperature monitoring and regulation of large-scale fish tanks.

3. Laboratories or educational institutions: For scientific research or teaching purposes, precise control of water temperature is required.


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Aquariums & Accessories


Glass, High grade glass

Aquarium & Accessory Type

Temperature Control Products



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Jiangxi, China

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Product name

Aquarium thermometer

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Product Name: Glass Aquarium Thermometer
Material: High grade glass
Number of styles: 4
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1. Question: What is an aquarium thermometer?

Answer: An aquarium thermometer is a tool used to measure the water temperature of an aquarium. It is usually a small electronic device that can accurately measure the temperature of water and display it on the screen of the thermometer.

2. Question: Why is it necessary to use a thermometer in an aquarium?

Answer: The water temperature in the aquarium is crucial for the survival and health of aquatic organisms. Different fish and aquatic organisms have different requirements for water temperature, so accurately understanding the water temperature of an aquarium can help adjust and maintain suitable environmental temperatures.

3. Question: What types of aquarium thermometers are there?

Answer: There are various types of aquarium thermometers, including suction cup thermometers, digital thermometers, planktonic thermometers, etc. The suction cup thermometer can be fixed on the inside of the aquarium, the digital thermometer displays the temperature through an electronic display screen, and the floating thermometer floats on the water surface.

4. Question: How to use an aquarium thermometer?

Answer: Using an aquarium thermometer is simple. Usually, you can place the thermometer in a suitable position in the aquarium, ensuring that it is completely immersed in water, and wait for a few minutes until the temperature measurement stabilizes. Then you can read the water temperature value displayed on the thermometer.

5. Question: How accurate is the aquarium thermometer?

Answer: The accuracy of aquarium thermometers varies depending on the quality and accuracy of the product. High quality thermometers typically have higher accuracy and can provide accurate temperature readings over a smaller range. You can choose reliable brands and validated products to ensure accurate measurement results.

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